RS  Pondok  Indah  Go  Digital  

RS Pondok Indah Group is consistent to realize our vision to provide the utmost comfort to our patients by utilizing modern medical technology equipment.

RS Pondok Indah Group has started to lead the company to be a digital hospital since 1 February, 2014. Our hospital information system application is integrated with the medical equipment in RS Pondok Indah Group, as well as with our administration system, medical support equipment, and Call Center system.

This hospital information system is aimed to reduce the use of papers. Printed copies are limited to documents that are required to be printed.

All information related to our patients can be accessed in real time, with qualitative and quantitative accuracy.

Why Digital Hospital?

With the digital system, all necessary information is integrated online. Your medical records are easier to access and updated in real time so that we are able to provide effective and efficient services.

Laboratory and radiology test results are also recorded digitally and easy to access. Our medical teams will be able to give faster and more precise medical services with your medical records having been integrated.

Medicine order, medical reference, and other services will be done electronically, and you can directly take your medicines at our Pharmacy without bringing the prescription. All doctors’ schedule and appointment will be connected online to ease your experience.