During  Your  Hospitalization  Period  

ID Bracelet

Our staff will provide you with ID bracelet containing information of your name, date of birth and medical record number. Please ensure that the information stated on the ID bracelet is correct. Do not take your ID bracelet off before your discharge date. If your ID bracelet was unintentionally detached, immediately call our nurses to get a new ID bracelet.

Access Card

Access Card System is one of our efforts to ensure our patientssecurity and comfort. All access doors to the inpatient ward area will be automatically locked once visiting hour ends.

Our Admission staff at the Inpatient Ward Admission counter will provide you or your family with Access Card during registration. Please contact our Admission staff should there any ward switching for Access Card adjustment.

Please return the Access Card to our staff upon your discharge.

Access Card holders are:

  • Doctors, nurses, and staff,
  • Pediatric patientsfamily member or guardian,
  • Adult patients in single bed room, and
  • Patients with certain clinical conditions who need close attention by their family member.

Access Card Manual Instruction

  • Put the Access Card close to the card symbol on every access door until theres a beepsound. Lamp signal will be turned on after the beepsound, and the door will be unlocked.

Hospital Activity

Hospital activity includes ward round activity by doctors and nurses, medical treatment assignment and work shift changing system, medical treatment plan, meals, in-patient visiting time, etc.

Other activities such as laboratory test, X-ray, or any other medical procedure will be run if necessary. Please do not hesitate to ask our Head of Ward or our nurses should you have any questions.

Our Emergency Procedure

Our staff are continuously trained to be capable of following the hospitals emergency procedure. In emergency situation, our staff will take all necessary precaution and direct you through required medical procedure.

Our Medical Treatment Team

During your hospitalization period at RS Pondok Indah Group, you will be provided to your own medical treatment team. This team includes doctors, nurses, and other necessary medical experts such as nutritionist, physiotherapist, pharmacist, etc.

Our Doctors

The doctor in charge of taking care of you will supervise your treatment and medication during  hospitalization period and decide whether you can finally be discharged. Your medical team includes specialist and hospital medical staff such as doctor on duty or doctors assistant. We encourage you to ask anything regarding your general and specific health conditions to your doctor. In a special case where you have problems in communicating with our doctor and other medical staff, you can delegate your confidant.

Our Nurses

Our nurses are responsible for assisting you and your medical team. They are professionally trained to help communicating your needs to your medical team. Our nurses are prepared to provide you with any medical needs based on your conditions. They oversee your conditions to be able to plan, assessing daily medical treatment, preparing your medicine, intravenous fluids, and providing medical treatment based on their capabilities. You can rely on them to provide you with any information regarding your health conditions including how to successfully continue your after-discharge treatment. They are responsible for monitoring your vital signs, taking care of your private hygiene, and ensuring your comfort during your hospitalization period.

Our Pharmacists

Our pharmacists collaborate with our doctors and nurses to ensure that you receive full benefits of the medicine prescribed. Not only preparing the medicine using advance technology, our pharmacists also monitor how the medicine affects your health conditions and prevent side effects, allergic, and how the combination of your meals and medicine affect your condition.

Our Nutritionists

Our nutritionists work in close relation with our doctors, nurses, and other medical treatment team to provide you with information and guidance regarding the nutrition your body needs. Through our wide variety of menu, our nutritionists are putting their best effort to accommodate your specific needs.

Spiritual Services

We provide spiritual services at specified time and place for Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, and Buddhist. Upon taking spiritual services from a third party, please inform our staff in advance to keep other inpatientscomfortable.


Please inform our staff in case you need in communicating due to limitation of language, hearing, or seeing, so that our medical staff will provide a translator to help you communicate. RS Pondok Indah Group will always give our best effort to build a meaningful communication with patients and their family who have limited skills on Bahasa Indonesia, regarding their health conditions.

No Smoking Area

Based on government’s regulations, hospitals are a non-smoking area. To protect our patients’ health conditions, all patients, visitors, and our staff are prohibited to smoke in the hospital area.